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You have to live again...

Life is so funny. Not funny hahah, although you do have to laugh sometimes at the ridiculousness that is presented!.

I recently went into panic mode.

My trusted Macbook stopped working. The battery wouldn’t show up, hence not allowing me to know, how much time I had before it completely died on me. I tried plugging in the charger, and nope, wouldn’t work. I was super pissed, I had just replaced that charger in October and I really didn’t want to spend another $250 to replace it.

The overthinking in me, started to shift around finances, to think, how I can get a new macbook, I mean, I can’t go back to a pc now (the horror). I was upset, because, most of my files are on the computer, my phone and laptop sync, everything was perfect. The laborious sound of the fan was quite new to me also, so I definitely knew something was up. Every day I will gingerly use it, trying to get as much done and then shut it down. I planned for after lockdown, to take it to be diagnosed.

This morning, I decided, okay, death is imminent, let me use my external drive to back up things. The luck of the draw would have it that the drive wouldn’t work. I was beyond mad. As I was about to youtube, how to unlock said external drive…when the computer conked out.

This is it


No more…

So long….

The National pause still has a number of days to go….I have work to complete for my clients within the next three days. (Don’t freak out!!!)

This is the end.

I’m not sure why I decided to try the charger again, but I did….it worked….I hurriedly turned on the computer, it booted up….surprise surprise, It came on and the battery showed up….Then a thought came into my head….well I am figuring, it was the voice of God.

“Sometimes, you have to let things die, to start fresh….they have to completely die, to rejuvenate and start fresh again….”

I paused….hmmm you have to die to live again.

Wow….all now, I’m still shell shocked about that nugget that just landed in my lap.

“But God…..”

Let’s take this lesson and apply it to our lives, be it at work, with relationships, friendships, whatever the case…sometimes, letting things die, to give way to a rebirth is what we need.

By Samantha Hazlewood Ermay

February 19, 2021


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