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Of misfits, Creatives and Outcast.

I’m a Doctor,

I’m a teacher.

Notable professions in the opinion of some. I’m a creative. *blank stares* You know, I manage social media accounts or I design logos and graphic materials for companies, or even better I write stories, prose or teach a class in creative writing. *more blank states* "Ohhh okay. " The occasional side-eye and the words float above their head " but that's not a real job..."

As a creative getting the respect you deserve in world that looks only to those rote professions is a hard task. I recall a qualified designer being asked to design a logo. A logo! (That important symbol which will help you build brand awareness, that little thing that gives you an authority in your industry and that needed familiarity and recognition.)

Right so they were asked to design the logo. They quoted an inexpensive price of $350. The person looked around, and I quote “ for that Lil ting? I thought it would have been about $5” There are ample examples of how “creatives” are put on the back burner. It is thought that we are a nice to have rather than a necessity. But let us stop and ponder, what if the creatives were non existent? There will be no risk takers or doers. A creative is one who has an idea and follows through on it , a person who takes that large dream and reigns it in to actuality. A creative is one who will go above and beyond when they have an idea. A creative is an instrumental part of everyday life. The film makers, the

artiste, the designers, the CEOs with Fortune 500 companies, these are the creatives that give dreams a place to play. Blessed are the misfits, for we help you see the world with different eyes!

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