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Skimping on the shrimp


I use to love shrimp, especially coconut covered shrimp with a side of some nice chili sauce…. double YUM….and I recall going out and ordering such, and hoping, they didn’t skimp on the shrimp and give me a tiny portion. Alas, my mind was turned from shrimp, (that's a story for another time ), so small or large portions are not my concern.

However, what my mind is totally set on, is doing quality work for my clients.

What are you willing to sacrifice? Some businesses, especially small businesses, never really see the value of marketing. The concept of giving to get should always be at the fore of any decision making. If you want to achieve, you have to give some of your money to the marketing and communication segment of your business! #truestory

So, let me tell you a story, it may be true, or it may not be, I will let you decided. I was browsing a page on Facebook, and I realized that the person uploading the content, was using a pdf instead of a jpg, or an image and text. So, I reached out to the person and I said, hey, you have some great content in those pdf’s but, why are they uploaded to your feed like that? I explained, persons won’t take the time to click the link to open a file, rather they would prefer to see the information “in their faces” The person replied, oh, I have a person who is “experienced” in Facebook, so she said she will help me for free. The person thanked me for the advice and indicated the info would be passed on.

Now, all sorts of confused looks came over my face…experienced…. the person is experienced and they’re giving you free work. All now it still has me baffled. You pay for what you get, is all I will say. Now don’t get me wrong, don’t refuse help, if help is going to really benefit you, but are you willing to skimp on the shrimp and turn off your customers, by giving them half cooked shrimp?

Free-Spirit Communication, is a consultancy that works with you! We offer professional advice in all avenues in promoting your business, be it social media, brand ambassadors, traditional marketing, digital marketing or communication. Feel free to contact us today! 822-0617.

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