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The online faux-pas

Once you’ve put something out there, be sure and guaranteed that it has been screen shot and circulated!!

We live in a time where everything is about immediacy, sometimes, and it happens to the best of us, we may spell a word wrong and within a split second, that can be shared and you will hear, “well hey, she can’t spell….”

Or even worse, you may have been in a relationship, now gone sour….quick so, your most inner, personal photos and videos gone viral!!!!

What a time to be alive.

For a business, the online faux-pas not only speaks to what an organization puts out, but its representatives (employees) are engaging in and doing also. This is an aged old argument that employees are not tied to the job 24/7, but we must remember, that we are all brand ambassadors, even if you work for yourself.

Imagine you have an employee cussing, while wearing your uniform. Yes it’s going to look bad on them, but big and bold your logo and brand out there….so no wonder, warnings and sometimes dismissals are eminent.

As a company, your most treasured possession is your BRAND…You don’t want to tarnish it, you don’t want it be on the tips of peoples tongues for negative purposes. So, cast your mind back, a year ago was it, when an employer, during a national shut down, spoke about opening to serve customers. First off, who coming out dey??? Rain pelting down, flood water nuff to sweep you way!! Who coming. And secondly, how did you expect to put your staff in danger to come out to work. Then…….just like the thunder and the flood waters, the backlash came…..and if a company encountered something like that, the correct thing to do would be to issue an apology… not insult potential clients. That within itself was a big online faux-pas….

But can you bounce back from an online faux-pas?? Of course you can!! How you ask? Hmmm look out for the next blog series…the bounce back!!

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